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Office politics, turf wars, egos, dishonesty, cynicism, entitlement, lack of accountability... Ever wonder how much individual and team performance, at its best and worst, changes the cost of delivering great products or service?

Is it better to be on a great team or a mediocre one?

Experience mastering the behaviours of Great Teams in the Great Teams Immersion (aka BootCamp).

What is the Great Teams Immersion?

The simple answer is that it is:

  • A five day intensive simulation of experiencing life as part of a highly connected team focused on producing great results
  • An opportunity to immerse yourself in the Core Protocol tools and experience the power of these interpersonal behaviours
  • A risk-free chance to set aside non-productive behaviours and perceived obstacles to your own greatness, and to be your best
  • The only adaptive, experiential retreat we know of in the world for understanding, collecting, and passing on to you the very best in team behaviours that get results

The even more exciting and complex answer is that it can be a life changing experience.

Great Teams videos

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