My work is based on the following principles:

Operate with integrity

Paul enjoying

I believe and live the principles outlined in Stephen Covey's Principle-Centered Leadership. I believe in honesty, human dignity and respect. You can depend on my promises.

Be your partner

Using Franklin Covey customer account management methods, my approach focuses on helping clients succeed. I share our knowledge with you so you will succeed when our on-site participation comes to an end. I want to build lasting relationships with my customers, so I offer knowledge outside the contracted scope where I see it might help you.

Ensure customer satisfaction

Do no harm. I don't send junior consultants to you to "learn the ropes" after the contract is signed - I am the consultant. I will tell you if I don't have the expertise or resources to help you in the area you require. But I often am able to help elsewhere, or know someone who does have the expertise.

Get results

I have to provide value to you. You are reading my marketing strategy and hearing from my sales staff right now - this is it! So my results have to speak for me, because my livelihood depends upon your recommendations of me.

Engage everyone affected

People are at the heart of successful long-term change and great results. Anyone involved in, and affected by, the improvements I am helping to provide must be included in development and implementation of the solutions.

Quality is a constant element

Quality is an integral part of any solution, so it is how I do business, how I consult, and is part of my solution for you from the beginning.

Continually improve results

Use all the lessons learned, feedback from customers, the wisdom from McCarthy Technologies' Great Teams interpersonal protocols, and Stephen Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Principle Centered Leadership, and Human Systems Dynamics, and other influential books and fields of study.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"

- Mohandas K. Ghandi, "Quotes & Quips: Insights on Living the 7 Habits" (Franklin Covey Co.,1998)

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